Roommates is an iOS app that works as a multiplayer gaming platform. I was responsible for the visual interface, animations and UX design. The programming was done by Lu Yamamoto, Guilherme Sousa and Gabriel Hideki.

This project was developed during our internship at Apple Developer Academy.

We developed a framework especially for this project. It is called PAR and it uses apple’s multi-peering connectivity technology as it’s basis.


The communication between devices wouldn’t be possible without it.

Here's a simple wireframe:

In the main screen you're able to see who's available to play.

you can have people over your house by opening your curtains

or have some privacy by shutting your curtains

There are three playable characters and two NPCs


Doesn't say much, but thinks a lot.


Likes to listen to the ocean.


Has a purrrrfect sense of style!


He wants to see you buy everything!


Salesman's brother, makes everything !