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by Anna Lima

This work by Paula Puiupo is highly reverberant. Not visual, but sonorous. The noise comes from the lines, in the waves that permeate the narrative, in the imaginary of the big city, in the suggestion of music. A poutpourri of sound contrasts amongst silence.


Her work with rarely linear narratives, increasingly, since I follow it as a friend and loyal admirer, has brought the thematics of roots, of longing, of being adrift and far from home. There is a latent anguish in these themes that allows, however abstract and sensory her stories might be, to touch us in a profound way. This process has its apex in "Gume".


To confirm, listen.

Page 04

- Do you remember anything?

- No really

- Not even your name?

- Sôfi

- Sorry?

- My name is Sôfi

Page 05

- Sôfi what?

- I don´t know

*Police District*

- Do you want to be helped?

- Can I go home?

Page 06


[cellphone messages]


- Call me if you need anything


- Hi Ana

- Can I crash at your place tonight?

[/cellphone messages]

Page 09

- Your orchids are so pretty...

Page 11

- You know you can always talk to me, right?

- I do.

Page 12

- Everything seems normal...

- Are you sure you don't recall?

Page 13

- I remember being younger...

- But it all seems so distorted

-And what is childhood if not a distorted memory?

Page 14

- Sôfi come back home

Page 18

- I'm here now

Page 20

- How long does an existence last before it's decomposed inside me?

Page 21

- You will remain alive even if you lose consciousness of yourself. At least for people outside. Try to rest.

Page 23

- It's been so long, right?

- I've gotten used to the prostheses already.

Page 24

- Breathe in

- Breathe out

-Breathe in

-Breathe out


Paula Puiupo was born in 1996 in Lisbon. His mother is from Paraiba and his father is from Manaus. She currently lives in São Paulo, works with animation and in her free time she does things like this. 

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