Restless, aimless, and just bored, Úlcera starts making some questionable choices, like spending her time with a shady organization involved with “the Tower.” The ancient Tower stands somewhere very far away and is the current site of an interdimensional, psycho-spiritual massacre being waged against its most recent inhabitants. Of those inhabitants, the unlikely and unliked princess Mirra is having a particularly hard time - her mind and body are rebelling against her, a sleeper cell in the god Iora’s purifying war.

Brazil-based artists Puiupo and Adonis each draw different sides of this visceral sci-fi headtrip. In the vein of Jodorowsky mixed with Masaaki Yuasa (Kaiba).

“[Úlcera is] like dark dark sci fi 'manga.' Don't show mom.”
- Patrick Crotty, PEOW, Internal Affairs

56 pages, black and white
5.81” x 8.31” softcover, perfect bound
ISBN 978-0-9906874-3-6
Czap Books - USA


(this was my first graphic novel)